Job Services


Here are some of the many services we provide in the fabrication industry:

  • The Fabrication of Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Copper, Bronze/Brass, and Mild Steel products, as well as many other alloys.
  • TIG, MIG, Stick Welding, Heli-arcing and Brazing
  • Ace/Oxy Torch cutting, Plasma Cutting
  • Metal polishing of various types of material
  • We have specialty dies of all shapes and sizes for our Press Brake and Press Punch, as well as dies for creating Louvers (vent slots).
  • Custom CAD Design
  • Plate and Sheet Metal Shearing, Punching, Rolling, & Forming Capabilities
  • Forming/Rolling of all types of Structural Steel and Pipe/Tube
  • Painting Booth, Sandblasting, Powder Coating
  • Machine Work including Lathes and Mills
  • Custom cut Plastic (Lexan, Fiberglass, UHMW, etc.) and Glass
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